Company Information


D.L. Clothing  is an Internet company which was set up in 1998 to offer customers better value for money when purchasing designer clothing. Over the last few years we have supplied countless people with top quality garments at amazing prices.

At  D.L. Clothing we will never pretend that we are a huge company with vast amounts of stock but we promise you that the service we offer our customers is second to none, that's why people come back to us time and time again. No longer do you have to pay vastly inflated prices for your designer clothing.

We also promise you that we only supply top quality clothing which we source from only the most reliable of companies. All the goods which we purchase are 100% genuine and are only purchased after we have seen evidence of authenticity and have indemnities in place from our suppliers. We also work closely with trading standards.

We hope that you will see something that you would like to purchase and if we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us as as it's only with your help that we will be able to improve D.L. Clothing even further.

ENJOY YOUR SHOPPING......................